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Your Go-To Kink Guide

October 12, 2017


Your Go-To Kink Guide

The word “kink” gets thrown around a lot, but we’re willing to bet that many of us aren’t exactly sure what the word actually means or encompasses. It’s a tough one, because there are many facets to the word kink, from the most streamlined to the most shocking; this being said, we can define a kink as bizarre or unconventional sexual preferences or behavior.

However, kinks are incredibly common, insanely interesting, and certainly worth exploring if you haven’t found a specific one (or more) that really gets you excited. Wheather you’re searching for that kink that makes you tick, or just curious what’s out there, the information is endless!
We hope you enjoy this as much as we did, and maybe even uncover a side of yourself you didn’t know existed.
  • 24/7 – A power exchange relationship that is on going, 24 hours and 7 days a week.
  • Aftercare – time after play or sexual activity where the participants check in. This is usually considered a big part of kink play and can involve everything from getting water to cleaning up or just reconnecting.
  • Ageplay – Usually a large difference in ages between the people participating. This involves an include infantilism, Parent/child play, incest play, diaper play and more.
  • BDSM – “Bondage and Discipline,” “Dominance and Submission,” “Sadomasochism,” “Sadism and Masochism,” and “Slave/Master.”
  • Blood Choking – Choking someone to the point that they pass out, or begin to lose consciousness, by restricting the blood flow to their brain.
  • Bondage – There are many different kinds including rope bondage, suspension bondage, leather bondage, furniture and device bondage, predicament bondage. But over all, it is the act of restraint.
  • Bottom – The person receiving sensation and usually penetration.
  • Breathplay – Restricting breath of self or others, considered edging.
  • CBT – “Cock and Ball Torture”  torture of the testicles and penis.
  • Cane/Caning – Striking someone with a cane.
  • Collar/Collaring – is associated with a person’s identity as a submissive and/or owned person.
  • Consent – Non coursed permission
  • Consensual Nonconsent – Both parties agree to perform an act of non-consensual activity, that has been talked about prior and is actually consenting.
  • Corsetry/Tight-lacing – Shape changing.
  • Cupping – Using heating up glass cups with rounded backs on the skin. They make a suction and leave bruises on the skin.
  • Dom(me) –The person who holds the power.
  • Dungeon – Play spaces or places where play parties are held.
  • Edgeplay – Breathplay, choking, knife play, play piercing, blood play, fireplay, gun play, consensual nonconsent.
  • Fire Play – The use or threat of using fire.
  • Fisting – Putting part or the whole fist inside a rectum or vagina.
  • Floggers/Flogging – Multi-tailed whip used in BDSM.
  • Golden Showers – Peeing on someone or having them pee on you.
  • Hard Limit – Something that someone is not into nor will be. hard no.
  • Impact play – Something that makes a physical impact like spanking, slapping, caning, flogging, paddling, punching, and hitting.
  • Knife Play – Using or the threat of using a knife.
  • Masochism/Masochist – Enjoying pain or enjoying inflicting pain.
  • Master/Slave – A power exchange.
  • Medical Play – Can include piercings and needles.
  • Mummification – confining movement for sensory play with things like saran wrap, plastic, rubber, fabric
  • Needle Play – Play involving needles, or the threat of needles.
  • Pony Play – acting like or being the owner of a (human) pony
  • Pet Play – acting like, or being the owner of, a human pet – like a cat or dog. Costumes and leashes are common.
  • Rape fantasy – Faking a rape sense, can be used as an act of submission but conceptual.
  • Rough Sex – from biting to slapping.
  • Sadism/Sadist – Person who gives pain to another.
  • Sensation Play – Using the sensation of touch.
  • Sensory deprivation – Taking away a sensation to heighten others.
  • Scat Play – playing with human feces.
  • Shibari – Japanese binding or tying.
  • Sounding – inserting metal rods into the urethral openings.
  • Suspension – Lifting or partially lifting the subject into the air.
  • Submissive – Person who gives, relents, or doesn’t have power.
  • Switch – Someone who switches between sub and dom.
  • Sadist – One who gives pain.
  • Masochist – One who enjoys receiving pain.
  • Sadomasochist – One who enjoys both giving and receiving pain.
  • Top – Person giving sensation or action.
  • TPE – “Total Power Exchange.”  all power is exchanged, including finances and physical property.
  • Wax Play – play involving dripping hot wax on the skin.
  • Watersports – Play involving pee, playing with pee, and peeing on one another.
  • Wartenberg wheel – Nerve ending sensation play with a small, very sharp-spiked wheel that can be rolled over the skin.

Do you want a little more info on any of the above kinks?

Visit our Ask Us Anything page and ask away. You can do so anonymously if you like!

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