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Weird Things Sex is Good For

May 11, 2017


Weird Things Sex is Good For

Most of us enjoy sex, sometimes quite a lot. Sex is so great that we frequently use it as a comparison when we’re exaggerating the amazingness of something else. Like “their pizza is better than sex.” Which is then usually followed with a noncommittal “well, maybe.” Because let’s be real. Unlike so many other things we do that feel great in the moment, sex seriously does a body good in the mental and physical health departments.

Here are some weird things that sex is good for:


Your Immune System

A roll in the hay keeps the doctor away? Seems so. Research has shown that people who have sex twice a week have higher levels of the of antibody immunoglobin in their bodies than people who are doing it less. The aforementioned antibodies go a long way towards fighting off common colds and viruses. Essentially what’s happening in this situation is that your body wants you to get pregnant and stay pregnant so it cleans house when there’s a chance for baby making. However, this is one situation where more is not necessarily better. People who have sex more than two times per week actually test lower with levels for those antibodies. Not sure why. Ask mother nature. Stick with the sweet spot of two days a week for maximum defense against colds…or don’t and just double up on your vitamins.

Increasing the Libido

Sometimes the best cure for not being in the mood for sex is simply having sex. The body has a way of adapting to our circumstances, so when we’re not getting it on regularly our libidos can lower. On the flip side, when we are having regular sex the body will prepare for more sex by keeping the fire stoked; this can even mean getting wetter faster, as well as having an increase in blood flow and skin/muscle elasticity. All of which means it’s going to feel better, and then make you want even more.


It probably comes as no surprise that having sex can help you fall asleep. You can thank the release of the feel-good chemical, oxytocin, for that one. A lot of that oxytocin boost comes at the point of orgasm, which means that you don’t necessarily need to be having sex with another person to get that sleepy-time dose. Any kind of orgasm will work wonders for combating those stress hormones that are trying to keep you awake. The body also releases serotonin and norepinephrine during the “big O,” which helps the body cycle through its sleep cycles more efficiently.


Those same feel-good hormones that help you sleep after sex can also help boost your confidence in general; adding to the fact that sex generally involves having a sexually desirable person lusting back at you. Having sex with the same person can help build trust between you as well since you start associating those feel-good hormones with that person and the powerful connection you have with them. And of course being able to trust people in your life creates confidence in your relationships, which can then transfer over to the rest of your life.

Your Skin

Guess what? Having sex can make your skin look good. Sex increases the release of DHEA from the adrenal gland which is said to keep the skin looking younger. In fact, one study done by Dr. David Weeks, a British consultant and clinical psychologist at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital. The study concluded that having regular sex can make both genders look on average five years younger as a result of the release of growth hormones. Dr. Weeks also pointed out that pleasure during sex is a key element for getting the most out of the growth hormones, moreover, sex with a consistent partner can cut out some of the anxiety that can be related to casual sex (His explanation being that anxiety is not good for the skin).

Pain…Including Headaches

It’s ironic that having a headache is the most commonly stereotypical excuse for getting out of sex on sitcoms since it actually handles them pretty efficiently. Neurologists from the University of Munster, Germany say that even migraines are no match for some good old sexy time. Having sex has been shown to cut down on a throbbing head by 50 percent if not eliminate a headache completely. Endorphins are pretty powerful little suckers flowing through the nervous system, and they basically work like all-natural pain killers.






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