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Sex in Cars: Who’s Doing It?

May 21, 2017


Sex in Cars: Who’s Doing It?

If movies are any indication of people’s sexual habits then it would seem that sex in cars is pretty popular, especially with the younger couples (or at least the cheating couples.) Basically, anyone who doesn’t have an open bed to have sex in chooses cars as the next best option. But of course, some people with access to beds also choose to have car sex for the plain old fun of it.

One study that was done specifically looked into this topic to find out how often car sex was really going down.

From the anonymous survey to 195 men and 511 women, they found over half of each gender reported that they had, in fact, had sex in a car. For guys, it was 61%, and for women, it was 59.5% Of those people, 14% of them shared that they had actually lost their virginity in a car. Most them (56.9%) were in a relationship at the time and were not taking part in a random car hook up thing. People reported some bumps and bruises along with fears of getting caught, but luckily a majority of the people said the experience was an enjoyable one overall.

A few more interesting stats:

63.4% of people said that they were in the backseat of a car at the time and 56.4%said they were in a standard car. It’s safe to assume that some of the sample subjects had the space to stretch out (likely in the back of a van or something), but the majority of them made it work in their regular cars, which means that you can too! One more stat for you…56% of the people were parked out in the country at the time, which means slim to no chance of getting caught.

There’s not specifically a law against having sex in cars, but there are laws prohibiting sex in public places and there are laws about public indecency. So, technically you could get in trouble. That’s as good of a reason, as any, to check out your surroundings before diving into some car sex.

Now, car sex can involve other things besides penetration (we all know that road head is one popular option.) Get creative.

Whatever you do, please be safe. It’s best left for situations where the car is parked, turned off, and with the security break securely in action. Accidentally setting off an air bag or rolling a car mid-coital is probably not the mood you’re going for.

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