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Menstruation Education: A Need for All Genders and Ages

April 16, 2017


Menstruation Education: A Need for All Genders and Ages

Around 50% of the population menstruates.

But, why is that weird to think about and say out loud?

Mostly because of the lack of education and social stigmas around periods.

Okay, I can see that talking about blood isn’t the most appealing topic. I wouldn’t really want to have an in-depth conversation about a bloody wound on someone’s knee for example, but we don’t shame people for having blood come from anywhere OTHER than, you know, down there. Well, hello 2017 and the ability to chat about things that once were not discussed.
Though there are many changes happening, I think that one of the biggest changes we are seeing and will continue to see is the stigma about periods coming to a halt; and not just for women, but also for transgender men. I’m a firm believer that education is the best method of ending and preventing stigmas. The lack of acknowledgment, open conversations, and understanding of menstruation has lead to NUMEROUS problems.
I recently read a study done in the UK that surveyed 2,000 women aged 16+ about their periods, ie. how they felt about getting it for the first time, and how they felt society influenced their thinking.

Instead of writing about it, I made a super fun graphic to show you guys what they found!


 90% of these women agree that we need to take responsibility and educate our children (including boys).

The study was done in the UK, but I have a feeling the results would be similar in the US. Their proposed solution for ending the stigma around periods is adding a new curriculum in schools.
Betty has come up with 2 programs aimed at children ages  8-11 and 11-12. Each has three lessons – complete with videos and supplemental materials including everything from how to start the program to a question box for anonymous questions from the students. This wonderful organization is based out of the UK and is now integrating the program into schools there. For us in the US these types of resources are FREE and you can access them by simply filling out your information and downloading the PDFs and videos.
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