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Why Not Try Some Subtle Foot Play?

May 7, 2017


Why Not Try Some Subtle Foot Play?

Why are some physically attracted to feet?

What makes certain people attracted to feet in a sexual way can be explained by the brain overlap theory. The brain region that controls your genitalia and the impulses that are connected to sexual desire and excitement is located next to the areas that control other appendages and emotions, including the region that manages your feet.
These regions can have overlapping activity because of their close proximity. There has been research done at the University of California, San Diego to highlight this connection. The research shows that the cross connection between the foot and genital regions may explain why foot fetishes are so common.
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Want to try some subtle foot play?

  • Wear heels during penetration. Not only will you look sexy but it will give you confidence and arch your pelvic region for the better.
  • Start off your foreplay with foot massages. A nice edible lotion will entice even those who are totally put off by feet.
  • Try positions where the feet are front and center. For example, sit on them like a backward chair and put your feet on their shoulders.
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