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Costumes Aren’t Just For Halloween

October 20, 2017


Costumes Aren’t Just For Halloween

Before you get too excited, when we say “costumes” we do not mean school girls, sexy maids, police officers, etc; these types of costumes fall under the umbrella of roleplay as they are often coupled with an adopted persona.

Wrote an article about role play this month and how that can involve costume play but we wanted to give you a different side of costumes. The thing is, the two are not one-in-the-same because wearing a costume does not necessitate playing a role. You can dress up in the bedroom, and still be yourself. Also, costumes don’t always have to be lingerie.

The type of costumes we’d like to explore with you today are the kinds that are specific to articles of clothing worn in the bedroom to promote sensuality, stimulus, and erotica. Do the terms leather and latex ring a bell? Now that’s what we’re talking about. If you’re looking where to get yourself some bedroom garb, we’ve got some killer suggestions below. Read on!

Here’s our guide to the best places to get costumes for the bedroom and why it’s okay to wear them year-round + some erotica to get you heated, at the end.




Latex or rubber fetishists sometimes refer to themselves as “rubberists.” Gay rubberists tend to call themselves “rubbermen.” Latex, PVC, and other tight shiny fabrics are enticing because they become a second skin of the wearer. People wearing latex can be perceived as naked due to the sheerness, or even appear to be coated with a layer of paint. Basically, latex doesn’t obstruct the observer’s view of the body’s contours in the slightest.

Polished fabrics also come in bright colors adding further visual stimulus to add to the physical sensations produced by the material. You can also look at the garments as a type of bondage. Some enjoy the tightness, some like the smell of latex, the personalized pleasure and intrigue are all in the eye (and nose) of the beholder.

Latex has the ability to be transformative, allowing the wearer to imagine themselves as a different person, or as having a different identity, potentially one that allows a different set of behaviors.

Though latex is mainly associated with the BDSM/fetish world, with the help of fashion designers, influencers, and social media we’re seeing an influx of latex being incorporated into everyday wear.

Love the pieces in the image? Check out Brooklyn Latex.


Yes, there is such a thing as a velvet fetish. A velvet fetish is when someone gets sexually aroused either by others wearing clothing made out of velvet or by wearing velvet themselves. The appealing factor of velvet lies in the smoothness and silkiness of the material and how it feels against the skin. Some even like the feeling more when the velvet is wet.

Love the pieces in the image? Check out Emily Johnston.



Feathers are soft, light, and beautiful so it’s no surprise that people want them involved in sensual activities. I’m sure you’ve seen feather ticklers before, but you can also incorporate them into clothing or accessories with the same effects. Many use feathers to tickle and arouse as a form of sensory play.

Sensory play involves the heightening and removal of any/all of the senses for pleasure. Try removing elements during play, like sight (have your partner close their eyes or use a blindfold) and run your feathers over their body or during intercourse around the breasts or genitals, or run them gently all over your partner’s back for spine-tingling a stimulation.

Love the pieces in the image? Check out Yulia Chulkova.



From Jason Wu to Forever 21 we’ve seen a rise in leather for everyday wear, especially in the harness department. Maybe it’s the animalistic nature of leather or the way it can act as a shield for our skin. The leather is one of the most well-known fetishes and desired costumes inside and outside of the bedroom. Everyone seems to love the tough, scary feel and a good leather jacket to make us feel badass.

Other turn-ons? the smell and the sound of leather is a great erotic stimulant.

Love the pieces in the image? Check out Bijoux Indiscrets.


Want a steamy story to go with your costume ideas?


“My eyes fall on her with immediate intensity and unwavering curiosity. Her fitted black dress hugs her curves tightly like a second skin, exposing every contour of her body yet somehow leaving so much to the imagination. Though that dress would turn any head, it’s not what holds my attention.

Above her dress, around her ribcage and throat, a slick leather harness is fastened like a combination between a corset and jewelry. I’ve never seen anything like it. My hands are tingling. I want to slide my fingers beneath its straps, grip it tightly, pull her into me…”

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