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Roleplay: What You Need To Know

October 14, 2017 Sex 2 Comments

What is Roleplay? Anything that allows you to explore different personalities, temperaments, and ways of expressing yourself sexually. Roleplaying is meant to heighten your sexual arousal by re-enacting a...

Your Go-To Kink Guide

October 12, 2017 Sex 1 Comment

The word "kink" gets thrown around a lot, but we're willing to bet that many of us aren't exactly sure what the word actually means or encompasses. It's...


Not Phased by BDSM

October 6, 2017 Sex 0 Comments

Let's talk BDSM! Kinks and fetishes are often thought of as "taboo" or "strange." The thing is, they are way more "normal" than you'd think. Most of the...

Handjobs Aren’t Dead

October 2, 2017 Sex 0 Comments

What makes love last? Enduring Love shows us that "younger men and older men tend to score higher in their relationship quality, relationship maintenance and happiness with relationship/partner than...