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10 Ways to Start Exploring Your Fetish

September 5, 2017


10 Ways to Start Exploring Your Fetish

Talk to a Therapist

Shula Melamed (MA/MPH) explained to us that you should be ready to speak transparently about your desires in the company of a professional – you will be in a safe space. Seeing a coach (like her) can help you “to own your new kinks and to figure out how to pursue them without self-judgment or fear. Additionally, coaches can help you explore whether or not you feel your interests are interfering with your connections with other people or are harmful to yourself or others.”

Questions that could be asked during your assessment may include: why you’re looking to try something new? What are your expectations for trying it? Are you looking to explore this on your own or with a partner? And other questions of this nature. Afterwards, you might discuss some potential outcomes of exploring your fetish, according to Dr. Rachel Hoffman.

  1. […] Many of the profiles have a section called specialties and it’s all about what the person enjoys or is especially excited to try out over the phone. If there’s a specific fetish that you are looking to explore, all you have to do is express it to the lady of your choice and then see where it goes. Or you could simply go with the flow. The women on this site are kinky and non-judgmental so don’t worry, be happy, and express yourself! […]

  2. […] many local kink gatherings in my community. If people are looking for events, I highly recommend a website called Fetlife. It’s so easy to meet people and find events to […]

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