WTF is Freedom?

Words, as we all know, have strange meanings and they can be interpreted in countless different ways depending on who you ask. Example? Sex. When you ask someone what they think of when they think of the word sex, usually penetration comes to mind. But when you really dive into the word and it’s different interpretations, sex can mean many different things. This really makes me think of how we can tailor language to fit our specific need, mood, or conversation. So, I’m left to wonder, WTF is freedom? As a word, concept, and state of being, freedom can be incredibly challenging to understand, but we want to make it easier.

We’re going to be trying something a bit different.

We’re going to be tackling a big umbrella-type theme each month. We’ll break it down and show you multiple angles, points of view, and of course, some research about it. Our goal is to get as much information as possible, and break it down to give you a better understanding of the theme and (hopefully) make you think.

This month the theme is Freedom. July 4th gave us the inspiration, but don’t worry we’re not talking about Lady Liberty or the history of “Independence Day,” but rather we’ll be diving into what freedom really means in multiple different contexts. Some examples of what you’ll see: the social psychology of how we think of ourselves as free – Freethinkers and do-ers, freedom of speech, freedom of sexuality, your rights – like to consent, get a divorce, use birth control, choose your partners, freedom to ask for what you want (in and out of bed), freedom over our feelings and emotions, living free, freedom from oppression, and so much more.

To start it off, here’s the “definition” of freedom straight from our man Webster himself.


  • the quality or state of being free
  • the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action
  • liberation from restraint or from the power of another
  • Independence: the quality or state of being exempt or released usually from something
  • the quality of being frank, open, or outspoken answered with freedom:  
  • improper familiarity
  • boldness of conception or execution
  • unrestricted

Can you see why we’re pumped to get sharing with you??

Freedom is such a loaded word; so, get ready to start connecting ideas, shifting perspectives, and thinking deeply with us. Our promise? We’ll take this concept and break it down and apply it to your everyday life through thought-provoking, click-worthy content. We can’t wait to share Freedom Month with all of you! We hope you dig it as much as we do.



Co- Founder of Psych n Sex, previous writer and campus educator for the Kinsey Institute & published psychology researcher. Manhattan girl obsessed with post ww2 abstract expressionism, beet juice, vintage clothing & Scandinavia.

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