10 Hilarious Valentines Day Cards You Need in Your Life Today

People get pretty worked up about good ol’ Saint Valentine coming to town, whether their single, in a relationship, just started seeing someone, or unsure where they stand. It’s a day that the words “what are we?” are thought more so than any other day and a day in which let downs are inevitable. Just like with any day that is supposed to be big (New Years Eve, for example), the amount of stress and pressure can leave room for a whole lot of disappointment; so, to try and combat the V-Day blues, any stress you may be feeling, or just a distaste to Valentine’s Day in general, we’ve made you some extra special cards.

Embrace the silly, don’t take this day or yourself too seriously, and enjoy all the love in the air.

You’re our Valentines, forever and always.


Psych N Sex


Co- Founder of Psych n Sex, previous writer and campus educator for the Kinsey Institute & published psychology researcher. Manhattan girl obsessed with post ww2 abstract expressionism, beet juice, vintage clothing & Scandinavia.

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