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Yes, It’s OK to have Rape Fantasies

Don’t freak out if forced sex pops into your head every once and awhile or even daily. You like what you like, embrace it! (Duh, consent is key- do not embrace raping people to fulfill a fantasy.)


Not Phased by BDSM

Interest in BDSM is present in most of the general population. Further research is needed to destigmatize it by confirming BDSM as a leisurely preference rather than a psychiatric affliction.

Handjobs Aren’t Dead

We will never be that website that gives you the ~* 69 bEsT ways to give a handy* ~ so instead, we’re going to dive into why handjobs shouldn’t be a thing of the past and why it might be advantageous for you and your mouth to incorporate them into your sex life. If you don’t have a penis in your sex life right now, feel free to substitute this with a strap-on or wait for our post about fingering 😉