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Fashion? Who cares?

Fashion conveys the way we feel, think about ourselves and our behavior and in-turn the way that people convey us and how they behave around us!

Creativity and The Privilege of Opportunity

Celebrating creativity is wonderful in every sense, but we must remember that not everyone has equal opportunities and avenues for creative expression and exploration.

Gender & Creativity: Does Our Gender Affect Our Perceived Creativity

Creativity plays a pivotal role in all aspects of life: school, careers, friendships, and even romantic relationships. Thinking outside the box often leads others to view you as unique and memorable, not just in the arts but in any field. Creativity can allow you to form more memorable impressions on others, and make you an irreplaceable member of a team or company.

Jenna Wiebe, Founder of Duvet Days: Artist, Survivor, & Inspiration

Jenna Wiebe has not only lent her ear to countless survivors, but she has shared her story of injustice and survival, loud and powerful, for the world to hear. Jenna created Duvet Days, her platform which uses design to create awareness, self-discovery, and self-love” to support those affected by rape and domestic abuse.

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Drugs, Creativity and YOU

But, all in all- the general results suggest that there is an association between creativity and substance use.  The potential benefits of cognitive enhancers are large and increasingly relevant.


Portrait of the Artist as a Romantic: Are Artistic Individuals Better Partners?

It isn’t possible to finitely determine if a creative partner is more advantageous but if creativity helps to elongate the span of a relationship by allowing them to think of fun and fulfilling ways to make a partnership last, then certainly that type of creativity is something to aspire for in your potential love.