Want a Stronger Orgasm?

Want a Stronger Orgasm?

What is a kegel?

A squeezing technique of the muscles in your vagina.

How do I do it?

You know when you’re using the restroom and you make yourself stop urinating. BOOM- thats how. But try doing it without using the restroom- as this can hurt your bladder.

For how long?

Try starting with 1 second intervals, and as time goes on your muscles will be stronger and you can do it for around 10 seconds.

How many times?

Try doing about 10-20 per session and doing this 3 times a day!

Want more How-To guides?

Check out Cosmo, the Mayo Clinic and WebMD.

Want to try new things?

Try LELO Luna Beads. Here’s a great guide to your first time using them.

These exercising may take time to have effect, so don’t give up. Plus what do you have to loose? 15 seconds of exercise? Yeah- exactly.

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