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No Sexualized Fruit Included

10 Articles About Sex & Love to Stimulate Your Mind & Body

We love love, don’t you? As a closing to our month about love, we wanted to do a round up about love in general including topics such as self-love, sexuality, healthy relationships,…

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Asexual | A Spectrum of Disinterest to Disgust

Being asexual means much more than the simple textbook definition of “complete lack of sexual attraction.” Identifying as asexual is much more nuanced than this, and encompasses a wide spectrum of sexualities.

Lasting All Night: Desirable or Detrimental?

Why is there a complex for lasting? Why is this something that has been spun to sound desirable? Is there an actual reason our partners or ourselves to think that it’s imperative for sex to last a specific (likely too long) amount of time? Why does long sex = good sex? Is my partner actually enjoying this hour-long activity??

Fashion? Who cares?

Fashion conveys the way we feel, think about ourselves and our behavior and in-turn the way that people convey us and how they behave around us!