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10 Articles About Sex & Love to Stimulate Your Mind & Body

We love love, don’t you? As a closing to our month about love, we wanted to do a round up about love in general including topics such as self-love, sexuality, healthy relationships,…

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Asexual | A Spectrum of Disinterest to Disgust

Being asexual means much more than the simple textbook definition of “complete lack of sexual attraction.” Identifying as asexual is much more nuanced than this, and encompasses a wide spectrum of sexualities.

Using Your Body for Activism | A Discussion Shula Melamed

We must seek to understand our oppressing forces, seek to do so through a lens of self-love and care, and then seek to deconstruct them through acts both small and radical, personal and collective.

Your body is yours and yours alone, remembering that is a tiny form of activism in and of itself.

Rethinking Our Concept of Virginity: Past & Present

For as long as humans have been getting it on, there has been speculation, ceremony, criticism, and even celebration when it comes to having sex for the first time. The transition from virgin to sexually active which we know today has evolved from centuries of tradition and custom that still underlie modern thoughts on sex.

Unlearning Jealousy | An Exploration of Jealousy in Life & Love

In today’s society, not being able to clearly name or define something makes it hard for us to understand it, such is the complicated case of jealousy; where even the Oxford Dictionary can’t offer a singular definition for it. This being said, it is no wonder that jealousy gets used incorrectly or even interchangeably with other emotions.

Welcome March! Activism & What Activism Means to Us

What aspects of yourself and your actions/achievements deserve celebration? Where can you seek change and/or improvement? What would you like to see more of in March and moving into the rest of your year? What are you ready to let go of?