November: Giving Back To Yourself and Intern Others

November usually gets associated with giving, specifically, thanks-giving. We spend maybe a month, but realistically probably a few days thinking about others and ~selfless~ acts that are documented by selfies and facebook statues. Sure, this is great- we can’t knock giving back and thinking of others but instead of highlighting how to be thankful for others and giving back, we decided to highlight something a little different this month: giving back and being thankful to yourself.

“Whaaat” you might say, but we think that if you help yourself, and treat yourself with thanks and respect, then you’ll be better set up to help others. Which leads us to the theme of the month. All month long we’ll be sharing with you stories, research, and tips about how to practice self-love, and self-care through your physical body, mind, and interactions with yourself and others.

Want to hear about something specific? Shoot us an email at or drop us a line in the comments below. We look forward to sharing with you!


Co- Founder of Psych n Sex, previous writer and campus educator for the Kinsey Institute & published psychology researcher. Manhattan girl obsessed with post ww2 abstract expressionism, beet juice, vintage clothing & Scandinavia.

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