How much does the Mirena IUD really cost?

How much does the Mirena IUD really cost?

Cost for Mirena:

Cool thing: it may be free or low-cost for you pending a couple factors.

With Medicaid: Free

With insurance: Free under most plans ** check on this with your insurance.

Without insurance: Your income will determine the cost if you go to a clinic. It may be reduced or even free! Bayer (the company who created Mirena) works with health care providers and provides free IUDs to women who qualify. First find your clinic, and see if you apply!

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Without insurance: at a private doctor, the full cost for Mirena (not including the doctors visit) ranges from $500- $927.00

BUT if you break this down to a monthly cost you’re looking at anywhere from 83.00 – $154 a year OR $7 – $13.00 per month!

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