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We love love, don’t you?

As a closing to our month about love, we wanted to do a round up about love in general including topics such as self-love, sexuality, healthy relationships, masturbation, and more. Love is love, babies, and we think all sorts of love are worth being talked about, not just the kinds that look cute on Instagram. We also think that love is a complicated beast that we’ve got a whole lot to learn about. It’s a pretty remarkable thing we do, falling for someone and working to spend our lives together, so it requires a lot of learning and growth, and what we learn in one relationship doesn’t always transfer to the next. To love is to commit to a life of learning, openness, compassion, and understanding. Love ain’t easy, but it sure feels good when it’s good.

We’ve compiled a list of articles and research which we’ve done in the past- so take the time to gain a little insight and get inspired with the below content we’ve made with love, just for you.



1. Spending Time Away From Your Partner is KEY

Believe it or not, space in relationships is beyond beneficial. This article explores the ways in which we benefit from being away from our partners.

“Whether you’re in a long distance relationship or one that is geographically close, research and couples’ therapists emphasize that a healthy amount of space fosters novelty and intimacy in long-term relationships. Not only does alone time allow you to nurture other relationships with friends and family, but it makes long-term relationships more…” KEEP READING


2. Why We’re Swapping “I Love You” for “I Love to You”

Have you ever felt like the words “I Love You” didn’t quite fit? Or like they didn’t suffice to describe how you were actually feeling? Those three words can be really reductive when it comes to describing all the many ways in which we love but don’t worry, we’ve found an alternative!

“5 (or more) years ago when I was in university I was introduced to a thinker whom I didn’t realize would make such a lasting and profound impact on me and my relationship with love. The thinker is Luce Irigaray, and the particular work I was studying at the time was a translation of her book I Love to You: Sketch of A Possible Felicity in History Luce Irigaray is a brilliant Feminist Philosopher who’s work I would recommend to anyone…” KEEP READING

3. Monogamy is NOT The Only Way: An In-Depth Exploration With Dr. Jessica O’Reilly

There are a TON of different options out there when it comes to the different types of relationships. Manogomy may be the most common type of relationship, but that certainly doesn’t mean that it’s for everybody. This interview with Dr. Jess O’Reilly will open your eyes to the different types of relationships and who knows, maybe you’ll see something that sounds like it might suit you!

Have you ever felt like monogamy wasn’t for you but not known where to begin in terms of other feasible options? You are NOT alone. There are countless options out there, and there’s room for every single individual to exist within the spectrum of relationships. Though the options are far from lacking, information about them certainly is. For us, misinformation and lacking information simply will not do. So, we decided to consult an expert…” KEEP READING


4. Love Isn’t Linear: Saying Yes Every Day

Sometimes we get the feeling that we’re all looking at life and love in the wrong way. We look at relationships as a set of landmarks to pass instead of fluid, ever-changing things; and we think that sometimes we look at life the same. This article explores these topics and gives some suggestions on how to change one’s mindset.

“Why is life this metaphorical set of stairs that we must climb in order to reach…What? Is it happiness? Fulfillment? Honestly, I have no idea. I could speak to this obsession for hours on end in terms of career, creative ventures, and love; but in this instance, I want to speak to it in the realm of romantic relationships.

We treat relationships, and the steps we take within them, as these linear, quantifiable entities that are meant to move forward and should be concerning if this isn’t the case. We also act as if “committed relationships” are intrinsic truths once said commitment has been made…” KEEP READING

5. Love and Dinosaurs: Why Are Children so Obsessed with Love and Marriage?

Kids are OBSESSED with love and marriage. How many times has a child asked you if you’re married? Doesn’t that seem weird to you?

“You know what children are obsessed with? Dinosaurs.  You know what else? Love. Funny thing, we’re giving them more tools to understand one than the other, and sadly, it’s the one that hasn’t existed since the prehistoric ages.

As we grow up and begin to ask questions, we start to learn about love. We understand what it is, we have an idea of what it looks like, and we grow too long for it. Though, by the time we’re actually confronted with love, falling in love, being in love, unrequited love, and so on, it turns out we actually don’t know a damn thing…” KEEP READING



6. Introducing New Sex Acts into your Sex Life with a Yes, No Maybe Guide

So you want to spice it up? Hell yes! trying new sexual acts for the first time, or for the first time with a new partner can be difficult to navigate in terms of what both partners are and are not willing to try. Often, you don’t know if you do or don’t want to do something until it’s actually happening, and that’s not exactly ideal when it comes to consent. So, rather than having an awkward conversation every time a new urge pops into your brain, why not get it all out in the open in a fun, casual way!?

“Circling back to how it can be pretty tricky to blatantly ask your partner to try new things, we’ve got a suggestion: a Yes, No, Maybe guide. Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe not. The concept is pretty simple, laying out a bunch of ideas, going through them, simply writing a Y, N, or M (for yes, no, or maybe). We’re not expecting you to come up with an endless list of possibilities – you might not even know about some of them! So, we’ve created one for you…” KEEP READING

7. How to Keep Passion in Your Sex Life

Passion isn’t always an easy thing to ignite between lovers. Sometimes it comes naturally, and sometimes it really doesn’t. It’s tough, but it’s true.

“Have you ever noticed a decrease in passion or frequency of sexual interaction your relationship? Unfortunately, this is not at all uncommon.  Within committed relationships, a wide range of factors may change your sexual satisfaction for better, or worse. The honeymoon phase always wears off eventually, but it’s just one step more tragic if your sex life fades away with it…” KEEP READING

8. Positive Sexual Communication – It’s Not All Verbal

As humans, we tend to avoid uncomfortable situations/conversations like the plague. When it comes to sex, there are some things that can’t go undiscussed, even though these conversations may not be the most comfortable ones to have. Put simply, we can’t rely on body language when it comes to the more important questions.

“Our bodies can say a lot, but non-verbal communication has its limits. There are some conversations about sex that are worth having, maybe even necessary, that cannot be properly articulated physically. It may be an uncomfortable line to cross at first, but working towards improving your sexual communication can make sex safer and relationships better. Positive sexual communication challenges you to confront your own wants and needs, which is a good thing especially if what you want is considered a little taboo or not the norm…” KEEP READING

9. Pleasure Mapping: Unlocking Pleasure Kenneth Play

How the heck can we expect someone else to give us pleasure when we don’t even know what we like in bed? Exploring oneself can be easier said than done in some cases, but this user-friendly guide to pleasure mapping with Sex Expert, Kenneth Play will definitely help!

Sex Educator, Kenneth Play, and sex-positive individuals such as himself, advocate wholeheartedly for sexual liberation in the form of self-discovery and uncovering what it is that gives you pleasure. *Note* pleasure doesn’t always need to be in reference to orgasm. Our bodies are capable of giving us endless amounts of stimulation, arousal, and pleasure, we just need to play and work with them to unlock the keys to these instances…” KEEP READING


10. Roleplay: What You Need To Know

Are you interested in giving roleplay a try but not sure where to begin? We’ve got your back! Roleplay can be a ton of fun and very sexy when executed well, but there’s a ton of room for error and awkwardness if you aren’t sure what you’re doing, this article might help!

“Intrigued by the act of roleplaying, and lack of existing research, we decided to do our own study and ask some of our readers their thoughts on roleplay: 30 people answered our questions on their roleplaying habits who live in the  US and Canada. 30% of our participants identify as male, 66% identify as female, and 3% as non-binary with most being between the ages of 18-44, but 9% of participants were older than 44, and we did not ask anyone younger than 18…” KEEP READING

Happy love month and happy reading, Y’all! Stay tuned for another round up soon!

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