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Playing with Ice: Sensation Play

January 4, 2018


Playing with Ice: Sensation Play

Have you ever considered introducing sensation play into your sex life? Here’s what you need to know:

Our skin, the body’s largest organ, acts as a barrier for our internal systems, shielding them from the world around us. Our sense of touch allows us to perceive psychical sensations with, in turn, gives our brain information about what is going on around us and what environment our body is operating within. The epidermis contains very sensitive cells called touch receptors which indicate to us things such as temperature, pain, and pressure. The sense of touch is controlled internally by the touch receptors and nerve endings that come together to make our somatosensory system and help us by avoiding temperatures and other such conditions which may not be optimal for survival.

Keep in mind that all physical sensations mean nothing if they are unable to reach our bain.

Neurons give and receive messages from other neurons which are passed to and from the brain, allowing our different areas of our body to be connected and communicate efficiently. When you touch or get touched these things called mechanoreceptors in the skin become activated; this activation creates a chain of signaling to the next neuron letting it know that it was touched, this domino effect continues all throughout the body until it reaches the brain. The brain then understands what is happening and can elicit a feeling of pleasure (hopefully).

The receptors in our skin that react to temperature are found in the dermis layer and can send signals of hot and cold. The cold receptors react when the skin is exposed to a temperature below 95 ° F but are the most stimulated at 77 ° F. Note that they stop working at around 41 ° F and begin to go numb. We have a greater density of cold receptors than hot, making a cool touch especially stimulating.

Cold can be described as sharp, aching, or pricking and the sensation can last 4 times longer than exposure to hot. So, it’s extremely important to be careful, have explicit boundaries, and use open communication when incorporating ice play into your sex life.

Physiological sexual response creates increased heart rate and blood flow, explaining the warmth experienced during intimacy; this type of sensation brings us to the allure of cold play. Change in temperature can stimulate and activate sensitive sensory glands that normally lie dormant through the creating a combination of pleasure and pain. It can be thought of as a sensual form of BDSM.

Now that you know a little about what temperature play can do, how do you incorporate it?!

The most basic way to start with cold play is through the use of ice. Like we said above, use open communication and make sure not to leave the ice in one place too long (this could cause numbness or frostbite). Instead, try trailing the cube along the body, starting with less sensitive places like the legs, arms, or back.

Once you start to get more hot and heavy, if the ice cube hasn’t completely melted- try going closer to more sensitive areas and asking your partner what they like. Crushed ice can also be placed in your mouth while kissing or performing oral sex, but make sure there isn’t prolonged contact with the ice and genitals as that could be more painful than desired.

Now you’ve got the basics down, why not try with a toy?

Keep in mind, don’t stick them in the freezer and go straight to use. Let a glass dildo or plug acclimate to room temperature, then place it on a clean, dry shelf for 10 minutes. This temperature should intensify orgasms without becoming uncomfortable. Toys are a wonderful way to introduce sensation play in a safe, controlled way once you get the hang of it.

Need a product (or five)?

Getting caught up in the same routine can be great, as repetition reads results (or better orgasms) – or so workout instructors say – but mixing it up with temperature play can add some serious heat in the bedroom… or bathroom, or kitchen. Never too late to discover a new kink, right?

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