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The Holiday season is upon us which has us thinking; giving and receiving are wonderful things, both in the bedroom and in everyday life. The trick is to get someone something that they will love, but wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves; though this is often harder than it sounds.

To ease a little bit of the gift-buying stress, we’ve got the perfect idea for you! Our partnering brand, Nox, a sex and wellness boutique, has put together an absolutely phenomenal lineup of Holiday Gift Bundles which range in price, size, and products. From crystal dildos to candles, vibrators to oils, there’s something for everyone.

Many individuals are intrigued by products such as these but unsure how or where to go about acquiring them. Additionally, many people still feel a little bashful when they think of walking into a sex shop. Well, let’s thank our lucky stars for Nox. Nox is an online retailer which is beautifully curated and put forth with a stunning aesthetic which will make the whole experience as positive as can be. Before we dive into the products themselves, we’d like to talk a bit about openness and understanding when it comes to sex and wellness retail.

Let’s pretend that shopping for sex toys is like going to yoga. If your first experience attending a yoga class was at a stuffy community center with fluorescent lighting, rude staff, and a feeling of unease and disorientation, you might just come out of the whole experience thinking you hate yoga. See where we’re going with this? For many people, making a decision to walk into a sex shop or explore sex retail spaces takes a lot of courage, so any negative interaction or feeling might but a bad taste in their mouth for the industry as a whole. This is why individuals working in the sex industry must foster spaces of positivity, education, inclusivity, open-mindedness, and support.

Sex shouldn’t be shamed, it shouldn’t be confusing or mysterious, and it should be fun, exciting, comfortable, and whatever you want it to be. So, friends, if you’d like to share a holiday bundle with a loved one this holiday season, do so from a place of wellness and support, you just might win the holiday with a fantastic gift from the best of intentions!

Nox Holiday Bundles: The Gift That Just Keeps Giving

Without further adieu, check out the Holiday Bundles, pick one for each of the lovely individuals in your life, and use the promo code PSYCHNSEX to save %10 on any orders over $40.00! See? Win, win, win!

*The Holiday Bundles must be ordered before December 12th, 2017 to arrive in time for the holidays*

Now, time for the goods:

1. Mary Jane

$65.00 CAD


  • Eco-friendly Gaia Vibrator
  • Herbal Smoke Blend
  • Coconut and Cannabis-Scented Candle

Truly, can you imagine a chiller night than one spend with these awesome (and insanely affordable) items? Shop Now.

2. Aphrodite

$185.00 CAD


  • Indigo Wand
  • Bottle of Poppy and Someday Aphrodisiac Cordial
  • Your Choice of Wary Meyers Candle

How beautiful is that wand? Anyone on your shopping list would be lucky to end up with this bundle! Shop Now.

3. Get Wet

$67.00 CAD


  • Waterproof Iroha Mini
  • Your Choice of Back Soak
  • A Tin of Kooch Quench

Perfect for the water baby in your life, this bundle is ideal for water place. Shop Now.

4. Get Wet Luxe Edition

$146.00 CAD


  • Waterproof Sola Cue G-Spot Wand
  • Your Choice of Bath Soak
  • A Tin of Kooch Quench

If you haven’t familiarized yourself with the Cue just yet, the time is now. You or this gift recipient will be seriously thanking you. Shop Now.

5. Crystal Clear

$198.00 CAD


  • Prism Wand Made of Pure Quartz
  • All Natural Sex Oil

Truly, who hasn’t been longing for a crystal dildo? We know we sure have. Shop Now.

6. Ice Box

$90.00 CAD


  • Bubbly, Tapered Glass Wand
  • Silky Silicone Uberlube
  • Your Choice of Wary Meyers Candle

This amazing glass wand may look icy, but it will warm right up with the body. Shop Now.

7. Ice Box Booty Edition

$96.00 CAD


  • You Choice of Glass Icicle Buttplug (#25 or #26)
  • Silky Silicone Uberlube
  • Your Choice of Wary Meyers Candle

Interested in a little booty play? This might just be the bundle for you. Shop Now.

8. Ice Box Luxe Edition

$225.00 CAD


  • Prism Wand
  • Silky Silicone Uberlube
  • Your Choice of Wary Meyers Candle

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: crystal dildo. Shop Now.  

9. Self Care

$126.00 CAD

  • Fin Vibe
  • Bottle of Peaceful Easy Feeling Tincture
  • Bath Soak of Your Choice

We cannot think of a better gift than a little TLC for your nearest and dearest. This bundle just can’t be beaten! Shop Now.

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