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Right now we are accepting pitches and submissions for the month of July.

Please send over writing samples, and 3 pitches or completed drafts that have something to do with the theme “freedom.”


Our Mission

To provide well thought out, connected ideas to help open up conversations and further adult education around more sensitive subjects without bias. No fluff. Science, education, and narrative in a readable, accessible format.

Our Style

Strong, consistent branding is incredibly important to us. Though we respect and celebrate each of your individualistic styles and authorial voices, we want you to ensure your writing is consistent with our voice. Be frank, witty, and playful while maintaining a sense of authority and knowledge about your topic. Always back yourself up with stats and evidence. Use hard-hitting titles that draw readers in and make them ask for more. Each article should make the reader feel as if they’re walking away from in interesting, engaging conversation in a safe space. Readers should leave feeling inspired, energized, and excited to read more from Psychnsex. At the end of the day, we’re here for the reader, so put yourself in the reader’s shoes so you can write every word mindfully from their perspective. Be inclusive always!