Personal Stories

Parallel Lives: Adult Children and Parents as Peers

While we will probably never live completely separate lives from the people who raised us, we transition into a relationship more akin to parallel lives. As both generations get older, the ways in which we communicate are key to smoothly transition into this more peer-like relationship.

What Feminism Means to Me | 7 Common Things We Say/Do That Perpetuate Patriarchy

For me, feminism is freedom. Freedom to say something isn’t right, freedom to ask questions, freedom to seek out a community and unconditional love among feminists alike, freedom for self-exploration, freedom for sexual liberation, freedom to be angry, freedom to by myself, and so much more. Feminism is recognizing and celebrating all that is good in the world and in humanity. Feminism is sisterhood. Feminism is a part of who I am and how I live, and I am grateful beyond compare for the individuals, literature, concepts, conversations, communities, and schools of thought which it has opened my eyes.

Voices of Endometriosis

A Study of Invisible/Group-Specific Illnesses: Under-Diagnosed, Under-Represented, Misunderstood, Trivialized and Dismissed.

Dating a Psychopath

What motivates them to find relationships, given that they don’t really feel love?