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Drugs, Creativity and YOU

But, all in all- the general results suggest that there is an association between creativity and substance use.  The potential benefits of cognitive enhancers are large and increasingly relevant.

Death Acceptance: An Exploration

Death has become a complicated system that incorporates aspects of our cultural, social, spiritual, biological and psychological attitudes. Given how much death affects the emotional well being of the grieving, our attitude toward death matters. Ignoring death can lead to psychological damage in the long term, even if it’s temporarily more comfortable to do so.

From Utter Defeat to True Acceptance: An Exploration of Bipolar Disorder

My personal journey to a Bipolar I diagnosis was not short nor was it easy. It was incredibly painful, confusing and self-diminishing. However, the day I learned that my feelings and actions were justified and that the root cause to the trail of madness I had created for myself was out of my control was the best day of my entire life.