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The Difference Between Vaginal Moisturizer and Lube

A vaginal moisturizer is a great option for women who are experiencing ongoing discomfort due to vaginal dryness or are experiencing painful intercourse and looking for the ability to be more spontaneous without the associated pain or discomfort. Unlike a vaginal lubricant, a vaginal moisturizer can be applied regularly and should be applied at least 2 hours prior to sex, rather than right before as you would with a lubricant. A vaginal moisturizer aims to replenish vaginal moisture and relieve ongoing discomfort experienced with vaginal dryness.

Is there a Secret Ingredient for Desire?

While love and intimacy are enhanced by familiarity and repetition, eroticism is energized by distance and separateness. The secret ingredient of desire is continuous elusiveness that never ceases to intensify eroticism.