SES, Dreadlocks, and Cultural Appropriation | A Look into Modern Fashion

People learn about others’ feelings and emotions by picking up information they gather from physical appearance, verbal, and nonverbal communication. What happens when brands try to use culture for their benefit? Does it make shoppers more likely to purchase or does it repel shoppers when they see the appropriation?

Disability & Sexuality Explored Through Art

Disability is something that is not often thought of in terms of sexuality. But why is this? (Most) humans are sexual creatures, and this certainly does not exclude individuals with disabilities.


Why Are We Still Resisting Nudity? An Exploration of Nudism and Naturism

Our relationships to nudity, body, clothing, and self can be complicated, this is no secret, but through seeking to learn what’s out there and seeking to understand ourselves and our needs to the best of our abilities maybe we can begin to reject some of the negativity that manifests from these strains.