Willow Frederick

Willow is an English teacher in NYC, with a Bachelor’s in Psychology that led her to focus on mental health & social psych.  She grew up with seven siblings in Pennsylvania and now lives in Village coffee shops. Priorities include: becoming fluent in Spanish, people-watching, and playing pick-up soccer in the city.

Spending Time Away From Your Partner is KEY

We turned to Dr. Holly Richmond, Somatic Psychologist and Certified Sex Therapist, and Dr. Jessica O’Reilly, Sex & Relationship Expert, to find out why we all need space, and how to actually ask for it.

Gender & Creativity: Does Our Gender Affect Our Perceived Creativity

Creativity plays a pivotal role in all aspects of life: school, careers, friendships, and even romantic relationships. Thinking outside the box often leads others to view you as unique and memorable, not just in the arts but in any field. Creativity can allow you to form more memorable impressions on others, and make you an irreplaceable member of a team or company.

sexual self - psychnsex

Your Guide to Discovering Your Sexual Self

Asking yourself, ‘does this feel good?’ is crucial to getting to know yourself, whether or not you’re planning to try something with a partner. So, how can you figure out what you like without the pressure or judgment from another person? Here’s how!