Rachel Rosenberg

Rachel is a writer and library technician, originally from Montreal. Currently living in Vancouver, BC, she enjoys looking at nature from comfortable inside seating, colourcoding her dresses and traveling away from Vancouver. See her triumphant literary victories at rarosenberg.com.


Portrait of the Artist as a Romantic: Are Artistic Individuals Better Partners?

It isn’t possible to finitely determine if a creative partner is more advantageous but if creativity helps to elongate the span of a relationship by allowing them to think of fun and fulfilling ways to make a partnership last, then certainly that type of creativity is something to aspire for in your potential love.


Death Acceptance: An Exploration

Death has become a complicated system that incorporates aspects of our cultural, social, spiritual, biological and psychological attitudes. Given how much death affects the emotional well being of the grieving, our attitude toward death matters. Ignoring death can lead to psychological damage in the long term, even if it’s temporarily more comfortable to do so.

Ghosting: What it is and Why We’re Doing It

With modern social media, it’s as though there’s a big crowd of people constantly standing in your bedroom with you. Social media means that we rarely feel alone (and I know you are texting from the toilet). Add in the demands of online dating and users can begin to feel claustrophobic.