Nicole Barton

Nicole is a Published writer, advertising professional, and graduate of Temple University with a BA in Psychology. Lover of photography, black leather jackets, contemporary dance and a good IPA.

It’s OK to be Different! Emotional Differences Between Men & Women

Think of your partner as someone who complements you; if two people are exactly the same, a relationship would just be boring. It’s okay that you’re different, emotionally. The most important thing is the mutual decision to make an effort to understand one another and focus on clear communication for a healthy relationship.


Finding Power in Saying “No”

There’s only one thing in life that’s certain, so we might as well seize control of the choices we make while we’re here and exercise our freedom to simply say no when something doesn’t fulfill us.

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I’m Breaking Up With You…& Your Social Media, Too

There are ways to approach social media post-breakup without going totally rogue and ditching it altogether. The less time we spend immersed in social networking creating distorted perceptions that everyone is happier than they are, the more we can focus on really being present in our newly-single lives.

Mental Health & the Power of Mindfulness

We can get so caught up in the craziness of life that we don’t realize how effective ten minutes of meditation and mindfulness per day can really be. Practicing mindfulness hasn’t cured my depression and anxiety, but it’s a tool I’ve added to my arsenal of coping techniques along with talk therapy, medication, and exercising to feel good.