Isabelle Marsh

Isabelle is a writer and meadow-tea drinker with a background in wellness, social work and elementary education. She is currently writing a children's book aimed to educate children on the importance of eating pesticide-free foods and its impact on mood and behavior. She is pursuing her Master's in Social Work as her passions extend to mental health awareness and its link to nutrition. She educates young women about the importance of body positvity, holistic lifestyles and self-care (especially in the workplace).

Why I Stopped Plucking my Nipple Hair

Our culture considers hair icky. You don’t have to feel that way. When I feel a sense of ickiness, which often comes when I see others criticizing hair, I think about my roots. We were put on this earth as hairy beings and we should leave hairy beings. Embrace that nipple hair. I know I have.