Britanny Burr

Britanny is a Freelance Writer and Editor with a Bachelor of Arts in English. She grew up in the Rocky Mountains and is currently dwelling in Vancouver. She loves pool parties (though they are few and far between because she lives in Canada), hairless cats (though she hasn't yet met one in real life), and people who make her laugh. You can find her dancing, reading, drinking coffee or wine (dependent on the time of day), and watching Boy Meets World re-runs. @britburr

Lynn Comella on Her New Book, Vibrator Nation | The Page-Turner of the Century

Humans are inquisitive by nature; we long for answers to our plentiful wonderings about our world. Lynn Comella, like the rest of us, was overflowing with questions. What makes her stand apart from the great many of us that sit around wondering is that she set out to find those answers. We like to think that our world is one step closer to sex positivity on account of Lynn and her hauntingly beautiful book, Vibrator nation.

Jenna Wiebe, Founder of Duvet Days: Artist, Survivor, & Inspiration

Jenna Wiebe has not only lent her ear to countless survivors, but she has shared her story of injustice and survival, loud and powerful, for the world to hear. Jenna created Duvet Days, her platform which uses design to create awareness, self-discovery, and self-love” to support those affected by rape and domestic abuse.