Welcome March! Activism & What Activism Means to Us

Today marks the start of a new month, the (almost) emergence of spring, the beginning of the end of the short, cold, dark days also known as winter, and a feeling of stillness and ease that kicks in during that lingering space between seasons. Take a moment to reflect upon your past month, your winter, and your experience with 2018 so far. What aspects of yourself and your actions/achievements deserve celebration? Where can you seek change and/or improvement? What would you like to see more of in March and moving into the rest of your year? What are you ready to let go of? We feel a wonderful excursive to practice at the beginning of each new month is picking a mantra, this is where we derive our monthly themes from. This month’s theme: Activism.

We selected this theme because it is a direct answer to what we’d like to see both more and less of in our lives and the lives of those around us this month, year, and life. We’d like to promote inclusion, standing up for our fellow human beings, getting involved, seeking to make a different, adjusting our habits (big or small), seeking to learn about the struggles and hardships of others, committing to listening to the stories of others, and doing what we can do to make this world a better place for each and every one of us, no matter the cause. We’d like to promote less complacency, senseless hurting of others, ignorance, standing by, and work together to eliminate acts of hate (even on the micro level) together.

Activism is not one specific thing, rather, it looks different for every individual at any given moment. Activism can look like rallying for a cause you believe in; or, it can be as minute as removing a derogatory word from your vocabulary and encouraging your peers to do the same. Activism is mindful movements, compassion, and acting with love. Activism is not one thing, it is not even one type of thing, but it is SO damn important in all of its many forms.

This month we will be conducting a number of interviews to deliver content about activism in all of its many forms. If you have an article or photograph that stood out to your in the realms of activism, please share it with us! If you have a topic you’d love to see covered, shoot us an email! And lastly, comment on our articles and posts, let’s get some open dialogue happening and get as many voices heard as possible.

We can’t wait to share this month and so much more with each and every one of you.

With so much love,

Happy March!

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Britanny Burr

Britanny is a Freelance Writer and Editor with a Bachelor of Arts in English. She grew up in the Rocky Mountains and is currently dwelling in Vancouver. She loves pool parties (though they are few and far between because she lives in Canada), hairless cats (though she hasn't yet met one in real life), and people who make her laugh. You can find her dancing, reading, drinking coffee or wine (dependent on the time of day), and watching Boy Meets World re-runs. @britburr

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