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Lasting All Night: Desirable or Detrimental?

Why is there a complex for lasting? Why is this something that has been spun to sound desirable? Is there an actual reason our partners or ourselves to think that it’s imperative for sex to last a specific (likely too long) amount of time? Why does long sex = good sex? Is my partner actually enjoying this hour-long activity??

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Asexual | A Spectrum of Disinterest to Disgust

Being asexual means much more than the simple textbook definition of “complete lack of sexual attraction.” Identifying as asexual is much more nuanced than this, and encompasses a wide spectrum of sexualities.

Bump in the Night | Sleep, Depression, & Anxiety

It’s safe to say that sleep is an entirely different entity for those struggling with anxiety and/or depression. It’s not easy, its lack or extreme excess can affect all aspects of one’s life, and it can become entirely cyclical, generating more strain, alienation, and physical, mental, and emotional unwellness. Though sleep is something which is an important and central part of our being, it is only one of the key human engagements which anxiety and depression may affect.

“I Don’t See Color” An Exploration of the Colorblind Ideology

Efficient activism goes hand in hand with efficient education so educate yourself and educate those around you. In the end, it all comes down to the intentions we have when using certain language. If we are using a “color blind” approach in a positive way, we just need to make sure we are educated on the topic and are clear on what we are trying to get across.